Occupational Safety and Health


The company implanted a Plan to prevent and protect against accidents, fulfilling laws and rules in force related to Occupational Safety and Welfare, acknowledging the significance of this matter as a part of the business activity.

The Integrated Security largely depends upon the personal involved, who are under the obligation to comply with the safety procedures in order to decrease the accidents as a minimum. In order to attain this goal the organization has clearly established the competence of the employees assigned to these duties.

The foremost targets of this Integrated Security police are:

  • To ensure or guarantee the appropriate work conditions of health, security and welfare.
  • To protect the life, health and personal safety of the employees and third party through preventing and detecting the potential sources of industrial accidents.
  • To protect the facilities, machines, instruments and all kind of equipment of the organization in order to guarantee the employment.
  • To raise conscientiousness of the employees in Integrated Security.